︎︎︎Orla King is a 23 year old graphic designer based in Dublin, Ireland.
She graduated from the National College of Art and Design in January
2021 and currently works as a freelance designer.
    She is a member of Dublin based design collective No Bad News
with three other designers: Emily Peat, Jennifer Mongey Balfe and
Brandon O’Rourke. She is interested in a variety of disciplines, from
branding, typography, editorial design, packaging and advertising.
Inquiries about about freelance work or collaborative projects 
can be made through email.

Cork Opera House, University College Cork, National College
of Art and Design, NCAD Library, Wigwam, Sea Sessions

Branding, Print, Packaging,
Editorial, Motion, Photography,
Film & Video, Exhibition, Book

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2020-21 Upstarts
NCAD Graduate Show 2020
Creatives Against COVID-19
The New Now
No Bad News

+353 83 473 1850